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How we’re helping beat a Guinness World Record

Join us as we support one man’s extraordinary global journey to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to visit every country in the world. If iVisa can help Michael on this unprecedented journey, rest assured, we can fulfill your travel dreams.

Join us as we support one man’s extraordinary global journey to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to visit every country in the world.

The biggest challenge of my life begins January 17, 2024. 542 days, 300 flights, 195 countries, and countless stories 🌎

Michael Zervos 

35 years old. Detroit, Michigan.

Michael is a professional filmmaker and producer, thrill-seeker at heart. Holds both an American and Greek passport. His driving force behind the whole project: "What is the happiest moment of your life?"

At iVisa, we're dedicated to making world traveling easy and inspiring discovery. Partnering closely with Michael, we're committed to ensuring his record-breaking journey across every country is seamless and unforgettable, embodying our mission to facilitate exploration with ease.

Project Kosmos showcases a pinnacle of collaboration, pushing the limits of what's achievable in visa processing with a groundbreaking journey to 195 destinations.

How we're

helping Michael


  • Currently, Michael needs 80 visas to travel the globe, and we’re assisting him with 66 visa applications to ensure approval and a smooth journey. We’re collaborating with another travel agency for additional support and guidance on securing the other 13 visas necessary, where we don’t offer a visa service. This partnership aims for a hassle-free approval process throughout his record-breaking quest.

    Note that as any country’s visa requirements can change, the number of visas required may also change during the time of this project.

  • With just over a year in the planning, the collaboration is a vivid demonstration of meticulous planning paired with flexible execution, overcoming unprecedented challenges through strategic adjustments and expanding service scopes beyond the usual to the extraordinary.

  • Michael has the fastest travel schedule we have ever dealt with, so it was certainly a challenge. With around 8 itinerary changes and meticulous re-planning, this endeavor emphasizes the power of teamwork, innovation, and client-focused solutions in making ambitious dreams a reality, setting new industry benchmarks for efficiency and adaptability.

  • To apply for a visa with us, you can start by visiting our homepage. You’ll find an easy-to-use visa checker tool that guides you through selecting your destination and nationality to find out what documents you need to travel. iVisa offers a streamlined process, providing assistance and support to ensure your application is completed correctly and efficiently.



Day 00/542

to break the record


visas required

of Michael’s visas delivered so far 


“iVisa is making the impossible possible”

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Michael, holding both American and Greek passports, requires 80 travel visas to journey across all 195 countries. We've partnered up with him, to successfully secure 66 of these visas effortlessly, allowing him to concentrate on planning his adventure.

Join us as we track his journey and get updates on his visa and immigration experiences.

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“Having a think tank of experts capable of directly contacting embassies to inquire about specific regulations is a lifesaver.”

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